Apartment Clearances


Apartment Cleanout

Simple, fast, and worry-free.
If a family member passes away or moves into a nursing home, the apartment or house, including the basement and other storage spaces, should already be cleared out. But what if relatives don't live nearby, don't have time for the clearance, or don't have the strength to undertake it due to the overwhelming emotional burden? This is where clearance professionals are needed, who handle household clearances professionally.


From inspection to return

When you request an apartment clearance, our service begins with a comprehensive and free inspection of all facilities for you. This initial step is important to us because it helps our team assess the facilities and conditions on-site more accurately. This benefits you as well, as it allows us to calculate all incurred costs fairly and transparently. During the inspection, we can also estimate the time required to provide you with a non-binding offer. Typically, we agree on a fixed price.

Throughout life, many things accumulate. Some possessions may not appear useful at first glance. However, it's not uncommon for enthusiasts and collectors to appreciate these pieces. Well-preserved coin collections, stamp collections, jewelry, or complete porcelain sets need to be assessed and marketed by a specialist. If our clearance experts cannot estimate the value of an item, we have the ability, thanks to our extensive network, to seek advice from a specialist in the respective field to obtain an expert opinion. Customers with collections, for example, will not be undersold.

If during the inspection or apartment clearance we come across items of value, these will be assessed for their worth and factored into the calculation for the clearance. The total value will then be deducted from the clearance costs. Thanks to this value deduction, apartment clearances are often much more affordable for our customers compared to competitors. Items that should not be sold or disposed of can be removed or visibly marked before the inspection or before the clearance appointment.

Tips for a smooth apartment clearance

When all details regarding the apartment clearance have been discussed and planned with us, you do not need to be present in person on the day of clearance. In most cases, this is also much more sensible. Seeing the used couch in a trash bin or dumpster can be upsetting and evoke strong emotions. If you stay throughout the entire process, you will only unnecessarily burden yourself with this.

If you agree with our price proposal, the next step is to schedule a date for the apartment clearance. On the day of clearance, we dispose of everything professionally and environmentally responsibly, and whenever possible, we recycle many items that can be reused. Once all rooms, including the basement and storage areas, are empty and clear, we leave the property broom-clean or (if requested) completely cleaned. Simple, fast, and worry-free.