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House Clearance

Bereavement unfortunately remains one of the primary reasons why individuals seek out our company's services. During these challenging times, we stand ready to offer our assistance and support with empathy and understanding as we facilitate the process of clearing out the property. Whether it's necessary to expedite the process to minimize rental costs or to conduct a more thorough investigation including appraisals for valuable art or antiques, we are the ideal partners for the task at hand.


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The second reason is that you are leaving Switzerland and would like your furniture to bring joy to someone in need. Not only in Switzerland, but also in Romania and Serbia, we have contacts who would be grateful for furniture that can be used for several more years. Additionally, by donating your furniture, you can make a positive impact in these communities and help individuals who may not have access to quality furniture otherwise.

But, you have to understand that a wardrobe that was bought at some point from a Swedish furniture retailer unfortunately has no value once we dismantle it and rebuild it somewhere else. Taking it apart and putting it back together multiple times takes its toll. Therefore, these furniture pieces are worthless and will be disposed of.

Other Services
  • Office Clearances
  • Junk Removal
  • Garage Clearance

Reasons to choose us

  1. We donate a certain percentage of our turnover to a charity of our choice every year. Since 2023, we have decided to donate a portion to the Unica School in Liestal. Unica means "unique" in Latin, and this is also promoted at this Christian school. The uniqueness of each individual child. The entire range of compulsory schooling is covered by the Unica School. From playgroup to secondary level. The school is fully certified with the Quali label. We were particularly impressed by their pedagogical concept.
  2. We also work closely with all major charity organizations and donate items which may be of further use to these organizations. Items which can be donated, can be deducted from the final price (you only pay disposal fees, transport and labor costs).

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you buy or take all kind of furniture to sell?
    No, we don't buy all of the furniture. You have to understand that a cupboard you bought some years ago at a Swedish furniture dealer in Pratteln, unfortunately has no value as soon as it is dismantled. Only with antiques, there we can estimate whether a restoration is worthwhile or not.
  • What is meant by purchase / crediting?
    Example: one of our partners can resell a very well-preserved table with 6 matching chairs in his shop, and he provides us with one or two persons for «x hours». We can credit you that and this will reduce the final costs of a clearance. Nevertheless, costs remain of course for: personnel for disposal, transport and disposal fees.


Our client base is really diverse. We have carried out our services for home-owners, professionals and organizations & companies throughout the city, just some of which are:
  • Home Clearance Customers
  • Garage Clearance Clients
  • Attic Clearances
  • Garden Shed Removals
  • Hoarder Clean Ups
  • Debt Enforcement Office
  • Landlords, Letting Agents
  • Old Age Pensioners Assistance
  • Deceased person's Inheritance Clear Out