Art Appraisal


We appraise everything of value to you, from art to real estate. Whether it's antiques, paintings, sculptures, houses, or apartments, we are here to assist you with the valuation of your art objects or properties.

Our extensive experience as art and real estate appraisers ensures a professional assessment that provides you with confidence and security. We determine values accurately and responsibly, always maintaining transparency. If you have questions or need assistance, we are available to advise you and assist practically.

In the case of an inheritance, we are also happy to determine the true value of the estate for you. The loss of a loved one is always tragic, which is why we prioritize respect, compassion, and discretion in appraising your inheritance.

We are your reliable partner in the fields of art appraisal and real estate appraisal, ready to assist you with any matter.

Appraisals of Antiques and Paintings

We have already helped many clients – both private individuals and businesses – accurately determine the value of heirlooms such as artworks and antiques. In addition, we provide our clients with helpful selling tips and guidance on whether restoration might lead to an increase in value.

Heirs typically face the greatest mysteries with unsigned paintings during estate liquidation. Especially challenging are wood sculptures, unbranded porcelain, or silver, which are difficult for non-experts to interpret.

Thanks to our trained eye and extensive experience as art appraisers, we can quickly assess and interpret your artworks. Through thorough research, you will learn about the background of the painting or antique and explore all possible options. This knowledge can then guide a successful sale or further action.

Real Estate Appraisals

Have you inherited an apartment or house and now wish to sell it? We understand what matters and will accompany you with competence and personalized service through your real estate sale.
The first step in a successful house or apartment sale is always a professional real estate appraisal. Only by achieving the right balance between a market-appropriate and not overly high asking price can you ensure a smooth transaction and maximize your earnings. In our real estate appraisal process, we adhere to professional standards and maintain direct communication with you to facilitate a swift sale and process that aligns with your expectations.

Consulting – Competent and Individual

In all matters concerning real estate or art appraisal and valuation, we are your contact. Competence and individuality are at the forefront of our consulting service. Our priority is your needs and desires, along with providing easily understandable expertise and recommendations. We don't overwhelm you with unnecessary jargon; instead, we value providing you with accessible professional assessments that answer all your questions.

Positive and effective communication between you as a art or real estate owner and us as consultants leads to desired success. We achieve this by being reliable and expressing ourselves clearly and unequivocally. Your vision is always our focus and forms the foundation of our work.

Sales – Professional, Discreet, and Effective

If you have decided to sell your art object or property, our focus is on maximizing profit and ensuring a professional, discreet transaction. Thanks to our extensive experience in appraisal, we maintain contacts and relationships that can help you achieve your desired sale. Therefore, we provide you access to our network of international dealers across all art sectors to achieve these goals. This ensures that your art object – whether it's a sculpture, painting, or something extraordinary – reaches the right people in the art industry who understand its value and are familiar with sales processes. This guarantees you a comfortable and stress-free selling experience that is profitable in every aspect.

When you are unable to interpret the painting from your inheritance or require a professional real estate appraisal, please contact us. Our experts will reach out to you and schedule an appointment at your preferred time.