Estate Purchase


When you lose a loved one, you should have the opportunity to grieve in peace. However, tasks such as engaging a funeral director, managing the estate, or clearing out the apartment or house in the days and weeks following the loss require full attention. Determining which inheritances are distributed to the survivors and the financial value of various items from the estate often demands a lot of time and concentration.

At WH-Räumungen, we aim to support you during this difficult time and give you some of that time back by compassionately assisting you with estate management and appraisal. Additionally, we handle estate purchases to alleviate this burden from you.

Our commitment

In our services, we take into account all valuable items. This often allows the surviving family members to cover the costs of our services. If it turns out that nothing can be sold from the estate, we offer house clearance at a reasonable fixed price. Throughout this process, we always proceed with the necessary sensitivity, care, and discretion.

The value of estates is often underestimated. If you are unsure whether certain items from an estate can be disposed of or might be valuable, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will assess the entire estate on-site and then provide you with a corresponding offer. Of course, items you wish to keep will be excluded from this process.

It's often seemingly worthless paintings, sculptures, vases, furniture, antiques, or collections that turn out to be quite valuable later on. To ensure that such items are not accidentally discarded, we recommend having the estate evaluated or appraised by one of our experienced experts. With our extensive experience in organizing, managing, and curating art collections and exhibition projects, as well as our expertise in estate purchases, we can quickly distinguish between worthless and valuable items. If we ever encounter a challenge beyond our expertise, we have a network of specialists to rely on.

In addition to working discreetly, reliably, and punctually, we place great importance on honesty. You can trust us to promptly inform you about any discovered documents, cash, or high-value items we come across.

House Clearance and Cleaning

After inheriting an apartment or house and distributing and selling the estate, the disposal of remaining items and cleaning of the premises become necessary. The clearance and cleaning of a residential property are often intertwined with many emotions and memories of the deceased person, making this task difficult for the surviving family members. However, we can assist you here. In addition to estate purchasing, we can also take care of house clearance, environmentally responsible disposal of all items in the apartment or house that are no longer needed or usable, and subsequent cleaning if desired.

Even though we deal with estate consulting and appraisal on a daily basis, we can empathize well with the emotional turmoil in such a situation. After all, we are not sales robots but people with hearts and souls. We are happy to have a personal conversation with you and answer all your questions about offers, purchasing, antiques, clearing, inheritance, experience, house clearances, furniture, estates, apartment clearances, and more. Please feel free to contact us so that we can support you during this difficult time.